Location and history

The design boutique Hotel Relais le Chevalier is located on Kaļķu Street in the pedestrian area of Old Riga. Kaļķu Street, which translates as "Limestone Street", was first mentioned in 1407. It is 583 meters long. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel you will find the Dome Cathedral, the House of the Blackheads, the City Hall, the Latvian National Opera and other sightseeing objects, as well as numerous restaurants, bars and small shops.

We began to welcome guests in July 2017, after the renovation of the building, which was built at the end of the 17th century. Architects and construction workers have invested serious effort to preserve the facade and the reliefs on it – the horseshoe on the third floor level and the image of a lion, which is a reminder that once one of the oldest pharmacies in Riga – "The Lion Pharmacy" ("Lauvas aptieka") was located in this building. They also preserved the beautiful entrance portal and the small cartouche with an inscription in German “Honouring the One Lord is our only glory”.

The high quality of the restoration was appreciated by experts. In 2017, Relais le Chevalier received the Riga Architecture Award for restoration, taking into account the architectural features of the historic Old Town.



The hotel owners' idea was to create a modern design boutique-hotel that combines the charm and hospitality of the Old Town with contemporary design, recalling the history while surprising with modern interior details. The French-style elements that you will notice in the hotel evoke the French Savoir vivre (the art of living) and the extraordinary elegance that corresponds to the hotel's main goal – providing guests with an exclusive, positive atmosphere and unforgettable impression. This idea is also reflected in the name of the hotel, Relais le Chevalier, which is the French for "Knight's Inn". The name is reminiscent of medieval romance and reflects the charm of the medieval Old Town of Riga.



The interior of the hotel was created by Italian designers. Following the modern concepts of hospitality, the designers strived to create a sense of cosiness and comfort for the guests. They worked according to the rule: design should not only be beautiful and effective, but also generate positive emotions. Design should provide optimal conditions for both leisure and work activities.

The designers paid great attention to the colours and designed each floor of the hotel in a specific colour scheme.

The 1st and, 6th floor are decorated in blue, creating an atmosphere of trust and security.

The 2nd floor – in all shades of grey – from silvery ash to calm anthracite. The gray colour is soothing, relaxing and helps to fall asleep more easily.

The 3rd floor – in bright, vibrant colours of orange and fuchsia, symbolizing vitality, sensuality and romance.

The 4th floor – from deep, velvety blue to sky blue. These colours evoke positive emotions and reduce fatigue.

The 5th floor – in a rich palette of different shades of yellow that radiate light and energy, creating a feeling of optimism and liveliness.


Hotel infrastructure

The Hotel Relais le Chevalier has 6 floors.

The ground floor is dedicated to common areas, the central of those being the atrium – a unique structure with a height of 6 floors. The atrium is located just behind the reception area and is a part of the lobby. Before the building was reconstructed, there was a courtyard which was redesigned by the architects and designers. The design of the atrium includes mirrors, which amplify light and make the room look larger. Glass balconies are situated around the perimeter of the atrium. The elevator is also entirely made of glass. The top of the atrium is covered with a transparent roof that lets daylight in and adds a special beauty and originality to the design.

One of the advantages of the atrium is the excellent visibility of all levels of the building. The hotel guests can easily see the location of the rooms and common areas.

Avoiding traditional design allowed the designers to use every meter of the building rationally and visually expand it with mirrored walls and the predominance of light colours in the design of the atrium. The interior is complemented by accents like naturally dark furniture and designer lamps located on different levels.

The atrium is not just one of the building's architectural elements. It performs a practical function as a hotel lobby. In the centre of the atrium there is an area with soft chairs and a sofa. Here guests can relax, work and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Computers and high-speed internet are at guests' disposal.

The atrium is also a perfect place to take photos.


From the second to the fifth floor, there are 23 rooms, some of which overlook the atrium and have no street view. The other rooms have windows with a view of Līvu Square.


On the ground floor you can find the bar "Calvados" with a summer terrace, which offers coffee, tea, carefully selected alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and the best selection of calvados and ciders in Riga.


On the ground floor you can also find the boutique "Le Chevalier by Akcenty".

Here you can buy jewellery, design objects and decorations made by French, Italian and local artisans. Many of the items are one-offs.


At the top, on the sixth floor, hotel guests have their breakfast while enjoying stunning views of the city rooftops. The layout of this beautiful and bright area was influenced by the image of traditional buildings typical to the capital of Latvia.