Hotel Relais le Chevalier is like a piece of France in the very heart of the Old Town of Riga. The interior is the work of French and Italian designers, and the name, which literary means “Knight’s Inn”, brings us back to the mysterious medieval France.

Our hotel is located in one of the most famous buildings of Old Riga at 20 Kalku Street. Here in the middle of the 17th century a German physician and biologist Benjamin Fischer founded a pharmacy, which, thanks to the patronage of Fischer’s older brother, who held a high position at court, attained a Royal status. The image of a lion on the facade relief of the building is a symbol of special support from King Charles XI.

There’s another equally famous relic, which can still be seen on the facade at the level of the third floor – a horseshoe, the origin of which is entwined with legends. According to one of the versions, when Peter I was riding down the Kalku Street, his horse lost a shoe. Peter went to a blacksmith, who lived in a neighbouring house, and while he was tying up the horse, he turned the old shoe in his hands and then threw it over his shoulder. The horseshoe stuck to the freshly painted facade, and the owner of the house decided to leave it for good luck.

Now this is one of the most interesting new hotels in Riga with an atrium made of glass and mirrors, a beautiful bar and breakfast space under the roof with the best view of the old town.

We offer you 23 rooms, made in individual style with some of them overlooking the atrium. Some rooms are overlooking the famous Kalku Street – the main pedestrian street of the Old Town. Our guests can choose rooms according to their colour preferences and mood – each floor is decorated in a certain colour range. Second floor is painted in all shades of grey – from silvery ash grey to calm anthracite, the third floor – in bright, vibrant colours of orange and fuchsia, the fourth – from deep, velvety blue to sky blue, and the fifth floor – in a rich palette of different shades of yellow.


We offer our guests high-speed internet, round-the-clock reception and free breakfast on the sixth floor, from where all the towers and spires of the Old Town can be seen. On the ground floor you can relax in the bar and taste our wines, as well as cider and Calvados from France.

In addition, on the first floor of the hotel there is a boutique called "Le Chevalier by Akcenty", filled with a collection of gifts, jewellery and interior decorations made by French and Italian, as well as local artisans. Here you will find lamps and dishes, pillows and vases, jewellery and fragrances –original artwork, many items being made in one piece only.

We look forward to meeting you!

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