The Soviet secret bunker in Līgatne

A 9 meters deep underground bunker was built so the Latvian communist elite could use it as a shelter in the event of a nuclear war. There is also a canteen with a typical Soviet time 80s style menu; for example, a farmer’s meal set: soup, compote and rye bread. You will dine at tables covered with oilcloth, and drinks will be served in thick drinking glasses. Refer to the hotel receptionist to book an excursion.

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Ghost Town of Skrunda

Abandoned military settlement with houses, schools, barracks and even nightclubs of the Soviet era. Local people say that birds do not nest there, and that this place can cause auditory hallucinations. Here you can feel like a character in a post-apocalyptic movie! Refer to the hotel receptionist to book an excursion.

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

The exposition is devoted to the three occupation periods of the last century – the German occupation and the first and second Soviet occupations. There is a collection of memorable items from places of imprisonment and deportation, historical documents and photographs, information about partisan battles and activities of national resistance groups.

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Corner House

This is the name of the former building of the USSR State Security Committee, in which now there is an exhibition dedicated to the most terrible instrument of the Soviet power – the Cheka. Here you can see the cellars, detention cells and interrogation room and learn about the relationship between a person and the power of that time. Refer to the hotel receptionist to book an excursion!

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Building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences

One of the most striking examples of the Soviet architecture. The building was constructed in the 1950s in resemblance to the Moscow skyscrapers, and that is why it is also called the “Stalin’s Tooth”. Here you can climb up to the observation platform, which is located at the height of 65 meters. It opens a great panoramic view of the city – you will see the Central market, Riga Old Town and the river Daugava.

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Riga is the “Paris of the Baltics” and offers visitors the richest Art Nouveau architecture in Europe and more than 50 museums.

It is a welcoming and suggestive river-side city, a cosmopolitan city par excellence, with an actual maze of little streets and buildings with typical wooden decorations.

The city is energetic, dynamic and intense thanks to its original details and unforgettable colours that capture the hearts of those who visit it.

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