Riga Motor Museum

Unique collection of rarity cars and motorcycles, including celebrity cars like the ones of Latvian Premier Ministers Karlis Ulmanis, writer Maksim Gorky and Joseph Stalin. Special excursions for children, interactive stations, recreation zones with different games, as well as automobile simulators that let children feel what it’s like to be a driver.

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The Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

Immerse yourself into the harsh world of a medieval city, dominated by contrasts: in those years one could find vintage jewellery, deadly weapons, ancient coins and household items all under one roof. The history of knights, as well as the art of war and trade will unfold before your eyes. The museum exhibits ship models, and you can take a look at the construction of a real lighthouse!

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The Natural History Museum of Latvia

The large-scale exposition of the museum demonstrates the fascinating diversity of our world. Interactive exhibits will allow to feel the power of an earthquake and cause a volcanic eruption! Educational games and visually displayed interesting information will give an understanding of human evolution, all sorts of animals, insects and minerals, as well as space.

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Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Take a walk in the fresh air among the old buildings of the 17th century, transported here from all over Latvia. Inside all the houses are equipped like homes of local farmers, artisans and fishermen. You can enter the buildings and climb the stairs to the upper platform of an old mill and see the huge grain grinding millstones.

You can also attend fairs and workshops held in the museum – learn more at the hotel reception.

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Water Park “Livu Akvaparks”

Pools for adults and kids, waterfalls, pool bar and a SPA area with saunas. Children will love to play on the deck of a pirate ship, and they will have fun gliding down the water slides and swimming with inflatable boats and round floats.

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Curiosity and Science Centre “ZINOO Riga”

Is it possible to go through walls? Or move objects without touching them? Can a light bulb light up, if you just hold it in your hand, without attaching an electric wire? Answers to these and many other questions will be given by interactive exhibits, which can be not only seen but also touched!

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Chocolate Museum “Laima”

Here you will learn about chocolate making traditions. Interesting excursion uncovers the work of the factory and its history. The museum offers not only to see the exhibits and products, but also to participate in the chocolate making process. The museum is open by appointment only – please refer to the hotel administration to arrange a visit.

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Adventure Park “Mežakaķis” in Mežaparks

Outdoor activity park for the whole family. Adults and children can test their agility there by climbing elevated rope tracks, while being attached to a safety cord. Stairs, nets, rings, ropes… Discover the spirit of adventure and conquer new heights!

Open in the summer season – from May 1 to September 30.

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Riga Zoo

Here you will see tigers, bears and giraffes, and watch kangaroos and camels. The tropical house recreates the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest, and you will walk among the exotic inhabitants of this environment. In the Village corner you will find traditional farm animals, and to the delight of children – they can be fed by hand!

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Excursion on a retro tram

A ride in a lovely old carriage is a great way to turn a tour through the town centre into a real adventure. The first stop – street Ausekla – is located next to the famous Art Nouveau district. After that the tram stops near the National Theatre and then at the National Opera – both buildings are known as beautiful examples of the early 20th century architecture. The tram route goes past the Chocolate Museum “Laima” and ends in Mežaparks, where you can find the Adventure Park “Mežakaķis” and the Riga Zoo.

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Riga is the “Paris of the Baltics” and offers visitors the richest Art Nouveau architecture in Europe and more than 50 museums.

It is a welcoming and suggestive river-side city, a cosmopolitan city par excellence, with an actual maze of little streets and buildings with typical wooden decorations.

The city is energetic, dynamic and intense thanks to its original details and unforgettable colours that capture the hearts of those who visit it.

We will be glad to assist you in planning a tour, advise on excursions, places of interest and most suitable transportation.

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