Sigulda is one of the most important tourism centers in Latvia. In 2007, the city celebrated its 800th anniversary. All these years had been full of events leaving historic castles and fortresses around Sigulda.

Tourism Information Centre of Sigulda Municipality:

Turaida Medieval Castle

The construction of the castle fortified with a wall and security system with towers, started in 1214 around the Livs wooden fortress ruins site. Nowadays in the castle, there is a museum where you can learn about the construction progress, medieval architecture and events around Turaida.

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Sigulda Medieval Castle

The construction works started in the beginning of the 13th century but after the 16th century it had already lost its strategic significance. Nowadays it’s just grand ruins and a south-west building with its gothic window openings and the main gate tower. It’s a beautiful place to explore.

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The New Castle of Sigulda

The manor of Sigulda, also known as The New Castle, had been built from 1878 to 1881. Back then, it belonged to Duke Kropotkin. Some parts of the estate have remained, for example, the wooden residential unit, a shed, a gardener’s house and a stone wall.

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Gutman’s Cave

This is the largest cave in The Baltics. It’s 18.8 m deep, 12 m wide and 10 m high. It’s located on the Gauja’s right bank. The cave was formed about 10 thousand years ago, when water from deglaciation soaked through red sandstone forming the cave walls.

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Indrani Ostrich Farm

African ostrich is the largest bird nowadays. It’s height is up to 2.7 meters and weight – up to 160 kg. Here you can watch the birds and learn about their habits and life in Latvia and outside it. You also have a unique opportunity to buy or even cook an ostrich egg omelet.

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Baltic Bonsai Park

The only park of bonsai mini trees in Latvia. Bonsai sprouts get planted into pots. Over the years, the trees get shaped in a certain way. Each tree in the park has its history. Bonsai trees can live up to several hundred years while remaining only 60-80 cm tall.

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Aerodium Wind Tunnel

In this vertical wind tunnel, you can experience a real free flight for several minutes. Held by the wind flow, you will be able to fly and perform different moves guided by an instructor. If you feel comfortable, the instructor will get you up in the air to 3 meters above the ground!

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Kakiskalns and Tarzan Adventure Parks

Active recreation for both grown-ups and kids. Challenge yourselves with obstacles such as wire ropes, nets, bridges, swings, logs, ropes, and steps as well as zip lines and trampolines. There are different paths depending on difficulty level, suited for beginners, children, advanced and professional athletes. and

Bungee Sigulda, zip-wire over Gauja and zip-line flights

40 meters over the picturesque valley of Gauja is where Baltics only zip-wire stretching out. While taking a ride, you can enjoy the view of Turaida Castle, as well as the bridge over Gauja. Krimulda castle and a bobsleigh/luge track.

If you’re into extreme activities, enjoy the bungee-jumping experience or zip-line down the wire reaching the speed of 60 km per hour. Booking is essential so that you can jump at your preferred time.

Sigulda Ski Track

Sigulda is a famous winter tourism destination. You can hire all the necessary equipment here. The park is equipped for both children and grown-ups. You can hire a ski instructor, too.

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Ramkalni Recreation Park

Ramkalni is proud if the longest Rodel Track in the Baltics. Metal sledge with small rubber wheels will take you down the 400 meters track. You can also hire a boat or a bike here, try zorbing, ‘flying chair’ and other activities. In the winter two 200 m long ski tracks are open here.

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Riga is the “Paris of the Baltics” and offers visitors the richest Art Nouveau architecture in Europe and more than 50 museums.

It is a welcoming and suggestive river-side city, a cosmopolitan city par excellence, with an actual maze of little streets and buildings with typical wooden decorations.

The city is energetic, dynamic and intense thanks to its original details and unforgettable colours that capture the hearts of those who visit it.

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