Rundale, Bauska

Bauska is a popular tourism destination with numerous historic landmarks and entertainment facilities.

Bauska Tourism Information Centre:

Bauska Castle

It is a fortress built in the 15th century, where two rivers collide.

In the 17th-18th centuries, grand earthworks were built around the castle. The only thing that survived through the centuries are the ruins of the medieval fortress with a watchtower. The new castle is in the middle of renovation now. Visitors can see the castle history exhibition and its renovation plans.

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Rundale Palace

Rastrelli, the famous architect of the Winter Palace in St Petersbourg, had also projected a palace in Latvia. This is one of Latvia’s signature landmarks. The palace and its garden are the museum now. It is also used as a venue where the president of Latvia has his high-level visitors from abroad.

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Bauska Brewery

The Brewery organizes tours where you can taste the drinks, watch the process of making them and even take a beer bath. Booking is essential. Please contact the reception to book a tour.

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Riga Motor Museum Branch

You can see a variety of old cars here, from American 1928 Oldsmobile to Soviet cars – Zaporozhets, Moskvich and Chaika. There are also the 1930s tractors and special heavy equipment such as fire engines and minibuses. Apart from that, you can see the cars of famous people, ‘wooden Ikarus’’, the cars of the 60s to 80s, motorbikes and photographs.

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Deer Park

Now, in Mamma Dagmara park live more than 100 animals including red deer, fallow-deer and mouflons. Get to know the deer life, see a rural barnyard and find a grand oak with three trunks. You can also find a lovely picnic spot there.

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Riga is the “Paris of the Baltics” and offers visitors the richest Art Nouveau architecture in Europe and more than 50 museums.

It is a welcoming and suggestive river-side city, a cosmopolitan city par excellence, with an actual maze of little streets and buildings with typical wooden decorations.

The city is energetic, dynamic and intense thanks to its original details and unforgettable colours that capture the hearts of those who visit it.

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