Elgava, Dobele and Tervete

Elgava Tourism Information Centre

Elgava (Mitava) Palace

It’s the most important historical landmark of the city. It’s the largest baroque palace of the Baltics built in the 18th century and designed by Bartolomeo Rasstrelli to serve as a main city residence for Kurland dukes. The town of Elgava used to be called Mitava, hence the alternative name of the palace.

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Mazzarini Ostrich Farm

Ostriches, the largest birds in the world live in this farm. Visitors can buy leather purses, handbags, belts and other things made of ostrich skin; designer souvenirs made of ostrich eggshell, and even ostrich fat soap.

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Roe Farm

This is a home for wild animals bred on a fenced area. Here you can watch deer, roes, does, boars, mouflon and sheep. There are special towers around the Farm for watching and photographing the animals. Enjoy hiking through the woods or go boating. If fishing is your thing, there is a trout and salmon pond in the nursery.

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Dobele Castle Ruins

The castle of Dobele or Dobele castle was first mentioned in 1254 as a a fortified wooden castle of Semigallians. The only thing that survived through the centuries are the ruins. The remnants of the castle are located on the right bank of the river Berze on top of a 15 meters high hill.

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Wooden castle in Tervete

This ancient reconstructed wooden castle crowns the top of a 19 meters high hill with Tervete ancient town land area of 1000 m2. There is a museum inside the castle. You can see the weapons, jewelry and other everyday items of the Semigallians life all the way back to the beginning of the Bronze Age. The museum features over 2000 exhibit items.

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Pokainu Forest

Pokainu forest surrounded by high hills and deep trenches lies 13 km south-west off Dobele. According to a legend, this unique place used to be a site of an ancient sanctuary. There are many different-sized stones lying around, some grouped, and some on their own.

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Tervete Natural Park

In this enormous natural park you can find some rare plants and endangered animals. Dwarf Forest and Fairy-tale Forest make a part of the territory. Latvian fairy-tale characters live there, and the Wicked Pinewood is inhabited by witches and devils with their children. Visitors can sit at the Witch Fore, enjoy a cup of special Witch Tea and mill some devil grain on the Devil Mill.

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Tervete Brewery

This is the only brewery in Latvia using barley grown locally in the brewing process. Visit the brewery where you can see the brewing process itself, taste all the beers brewed in here, as well as buy souvenirs and some freshly brewed beer.

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Riga is the “Paris of the Baltics” and offers visitors the richest Art Nouveau architecture in Europe and more than 50 museums.

It is a welcoming and suggestive river-side city, a cosmopolitan city par excellence, with an actual maze of little streets and buildings with typical wooden decorations.

The city is energetic, dynamic and intense thanks to its original details and unforgettable colours that capture the hearts of those who visit it.

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