Today a group from Institut Français de Lettonie visited our hotel! On the 6th floor while having a delicious breakfast prepared by our chef, they had their traditional "club des conversations". Every Saturday a group of students who study french gather at some unique and interesting place, and their teacher, influenced by a place, spontaneously comes up with a topic for the group discussion. Can you imagine how many different subjects a person can think of while enjoying a breakfast at our hotel? Those are views of Old Riga, that open from the 6th floor, modern interior design, conception of a french hotel-boutique. And of course gastronomical subjects that reflect the diversity of our breakfast’s menu: in addition to the fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses and omelettes, we also offer thin french pancakes and french desserts, such as "madeleine" biscuits and "tarte tatin" - an apple "inside-out" pie. By the way, if you are not the guest of our hotel, you can still have a breakfast at our hotel only for 15 euros!