Beautiful details

It was a December evening in “Le Chevalier by Akcenty” boutique which presented another possible answer
to the eternal poet’s question of ‘What is beauty and why people worship it?’. It only took a
combination of beautiful, charming women and talented skillful artists to make people lose themselves
in admiration and applauding instead of asking questions. Everyone’s admiration and big rounds of
applause were rightfully enjoyed by the runway models, including Julia Rumiantseva, Elena Strahova and
Natalia Olesik. Necklaces, brooches and rings designed by Daniela Poletti, Philipp Fernandez and Agita
Rubene had transformed from just beautiful items the boutique is filled with, into proper wish list items.
The above was also true of elegant dresses designed by Oleg Biryukov as they perfectly matched the
sparkling jewelry.


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